Stitches, Barbarians, and Konstantine the Dentist

I had to get stitches last night. From a Russian dentist.     Déjà vu Moskva! It all started when I decided to do something I haven’t had much luck with before- ice skating. Many of you will remember that my last night in Moscow two years ago, I almost sent myself to the hospitalContinue reading “Stitches, Barbarians, and Konstantine the Dentist”

Running in Russia (and other gifts)

         This week has been hard. Extremely hard.  Language wise, I’ve been extremely frustrated, and physically, I’ve been exhausted. Being the perfectionist I am, I’ve been a little bit too hard on myself this week about my progress.  Classes have been going well, but they have been extremely challenging. I know thatContinue reading “Running in Russia (and other gifts)”

Russian Barbecue (Шашлык)!

It’s about time for this blog post. I mean, Russians aren’t usually known for their cuisine. They sit around eating borsch, black bread, and caviar on a good day, right? Wrong! This week, I want to shatter the stereotype that Russian food does not taste good. In fact, although I may sound like I traitorContinue reading “Russian Barbecue (Шашлык)!”