Long before Winston Churchill famously said that “[Russia] is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma,” the Russians had their own proverb acknowledging the enigmatic quality by which foreigners are both fascinated and frustrated. Thanks to an 1866 poem by Fyodor Tutchev, when a foreigner is befuddled by the crazy things that go on in the Motherland, the Russian will casually shrug his shoulders and say, “Умом Россию не понять.” Russia cannot be understood with the mind.

“Умом Россию не понять” has become a popular meme tagline, and I hope you enjoy this humorous look into the wild and crazy world of Russia as much as I did!

УМОМ РОССИЮ : не понять...The sign says “cut out this coupon.” Looks like someone did. Photo cred: demotivation.ru

The ad with the two guys says “All for men.” Except it happens to be underneath “Ladies’ World.” Photo Credit: demotivators.su

I guess the rules are more like guidelines… Photo Credit: bomz.org

23 hours around the clock! (круглсуточно is synonymous with our “24/7”)

Photo Credit: prikolisti.mirtesen.ru

Photo Credit: 24open.ru

Photo Credit: vk.com

“Do not throw trash here!” and “Parking Forbidden!” respectively. Photo Credit: valentina-panina.ru

And we’ll finish with a cute one. Photo Credit: joyreactor.cc


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