For years, I heard that in my singleness, I needed to be “satisfied in Christ.”

And for years, I felt ashamed that I couldn’t achieve this elusive satisfaction.

When I turned 29, still single and still hungering for a romantic relationship, I prayed a bold prayer: “Jesus, show me what it means that you are the bread of life.” Because if I was honest with myself, Jesus simply didn’t seem like enough to satisfy my hunger.

And He answered my prayer. Oh, how He answered. Throughout year 29, Jesus revealed 3 myths I had been believing about satisfaction in Him and replaced them with truths that have freed me of shame and given me hope.

If you are in a similar place, struggling with singleness, loneliness, or another unfulfilled desire, I want to invite you into my journey toward understanding what satisfaction in Jesus truly means. Click below to download my FREE eBook on what satisfaction in Christ is…and isn’t.

Are you struggling to find contentment in your singleness?

If so, I’d love to give you my free eBook, where I share what I’ve discovered satisfaction in Jesus is….and isn’t.


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