A Gut-Wrenching Compassion

Scripture Reading: Matthew 14:1-14 In the depths of your depression, how do you imagine Jesus? Do you picture him rolling his eyes, telling you to just snap out of it? Do you picture him stoic, vacant-eyed, indifferent to the sharpness of your struggle? At my lowest points, I pictured Him this way. I believed that thoughContinue reading “A Gut-Wrenching Compassion”

If Jesus Is the Bread of Life, Why Am I So Hungry?

I have spent my twenties hungry.  And I have spent my twenties disappointed.  I have lived the past decade with knowing I have hope for the future so wild I can’t conceptualize it.  But I have lived the same decade with a heart that says, “only a man can take away the ache.”  Twenty-nine, IContinue reading “If Jesus Is the Bread of Life, Why Am I So Hungry?”

Illogical Grace

I broke last week. I broke under a burden of my own creation, a weighty mass of human striving and accusations against God’s character, made even heavier by self-contempt for believing the lies instead of what I knew was true.  But in the life of the Christ-follower, brokenness isn’t the end, but the beginning. ItContinue reading “Illogical Grace”

Sharing Faith and Losing Face

Last year, I gave a number of professional writing workshops to non-native English speakers in New York City. During a break at a workshop in Manhattan, one woman said something that threw me off a bit.  “You have an inner smile when you teach. Is this your teaching style, or is it just your personality?”  An innerContinue reading “Sharing Faith and Losing Face”

Saying “Yes, And” To a Life I Didn’t Expect

In improv comedy, there’s a lovely little principle called “yes, and.” When you’re in the middle of a skit, you never question what your co-actor does. If he says, “I hate this Georgia heat,” you don’t say “Seriously, honey? It’s winter and we’re in Maine.” As an actor, you know that the best way to create anContinue reading “Saying “Yes, And” To a Life I Didn’t Expect”