Walking Home, Significant Details

There are less than two weeks to go, and the lack of time concentrates significance into every step. The sounds, colors, smells of this little city, unknown at this time last year, are now dear, родной. The familiarity that nine months creates can lull me into not noticing, but the knowledge that 14 blocks ofContinue reading “Walking Home, Significant Details”

Spring’s Not Green Here, But…

Spring’s not green here, but for now, the melting will do. And though some might consider the in-between a muddy mess, littered, mushy, I’ll compare it to Oreo pie, confettied, since it means that green exists, just not yet. I’ve walked and walked in steps of fear joy uncertainty prayer shaking strong, and today isContinue reading “Spring’s Not Green Here, But…”

A Rant on Poetry

I’ll never forget the smug cynicism I felt last spring when my professor handed us Ezra Pound’s poem “Papyrus.” The poem is as follows: Spring . . . . . . . Too long . . . . . . Gongula . . . . . . I quickly scribbled my own version to showContinue reading “A Rant on Poetry”

They Call it Culture Shock

It comes most noticeably at first in the assault of your senses: in the din of new sounds flooding your ears, in the thick scent of lead paint that varnishes university walls, in the bright colors of houses that contrast with the crumbling roads and mud-splattered Ladas. It comes secondly in trying to navigate theContinue reading “They Call it Culture Shock”

Living Adverbially: The Eureka Moment of Two Nerds

This post is dedicated to my friend Kelly, who gave an age-old truth new life by (beautifully), (intelligently), and (thoughtfully) finding the right words. We sat on a slab of wood along the bank of the Erie Canal, eating frozen custard and swatting at the mosquitos that peppered the August air. Though two years hadContinue reading “Living Adverbially: The Eureka Moment of Two Nerds”