A Grainy Photograph of the Unseen

  Dedicated to my father, who has shown me what it means to follow Christ.   I don’t see God the way he truly is, and this bothers me. I logically assent that he is the God who delivered his people from Egypt in an epic of miracles, the God whose glory would kill meContinue reading “A Grainy Photograph of the Unseen”

That Lovely, Unquenchable Thirst

The first time I felt that paradoxical desire to cry from happiness was when I was four. My family was traveling back from a daytrip to Bar Harbor, and we had stopped at a little ice cream place on the side of the road. I remember eating bubblegum ice cream (spitting each little piece outContinue reading “That Lovely, Unquenchable Thirst”


It has been three months since I left Vladimir, but the memories are still as crisp as ever, and the chronicle of my time there just wouldn’t be complete without a reflection on my favorite day of the summer, an enchanting, vivid trek to the outskirts of town… I dedicate this post to the friendsContinue reading “Eden”

Running in Russia (and other gifts)

         This week has been hard. Extremely hard.  Language wise, I’ve been extremely frustrated, and physically, I’ve been exhausted. Being the perfectionist I am, I’ve been a little bit too hard on myself this week about my progress.  Classes have been going well, but they have been extremely challenging. I know thatContinue reading “Running in Russia (and other gifts)”

It is all worth it

       So soon.In seventeen short days, I’ll return to that vast land whose name evokes memories of late night adventures and soul laughter and life at its fullest. I can’t wait to breathe deep the smells of cigarette smoke, late-night bonfires, hot tea, and incense. I can’t wait to hear again the constantContinue reading “It is all worth it”