Spring’s Not Green Here, But…

Spring’s not green here, but for now, the melting will do. And though some might consider the in-between a muddy mess, littered, mushy, I’ll compare it to Oreo pie, confettied, since it means that green exists, just not yet. I’ve walked and walked in steps of fear joy uncertainty prayer shaking strong, and today isContinue reading “Spring’s Not Green Here, But…”

‘Tis Time, My Friend, ‘Tis Time

‘Tis time, my friend, ‘tis time! For rest the heart is aching- The first line of my favorite Pushkin poem has faithfully rhythmed in my mind day after day with increasing intensity as graduation has drawn near. I have savored these words like a piece of butterscotch candy through every brain-aching, burnt-out final paper. IContinue reading “‘Tis Time, My Friend, ‘Tis Time”