Valentine’s Day is just another day on the calendar, it’s true. But with all the cultural hype surrounding it, I find it easy to let my thoughts spiral into doom and gloom about checking the “single” box yet another year. It’s at times like these when I need to be especially intentional about seeking truth and speaking truth. If I let my mind run it’s default route and allow my voice to follow, my Valentine’s Day will consist of sobbing to A Walk to Remember while eating globs of Nutella and writing sappy rhymed poetry. Since that scene is something I want to avoid :), I’ve gone through articles I’ve read and written and chosen the 5 that I feel best put singleness and relationships into their proper perspective. If you need some fresh perspective too, I hope these articles challenge and encourage you!

  1. Love Poor by Samantha Bossalini. If you only read one article, let it be this one. In this post, she tackles how the “poverty mindset” in relationships has messed with the minds of Christian singles and tempted us to lower our standards. And. this. girl. can. write. Samantha has the type of witty, direct writing filled memorable metaphors that will have you LOLing and yelling “amen!” in one breath.
  2. A Foundation Worth Building On by Hannah Ellenwood. I often roll my eyes at the idea of making a laundry list of desired traits for a future spouse. Not because I don’t think our standards should be high, but because getting so focused on the itty-bitty details (e.g. shares my love of Dostoevsky and wears glasses) might cause me to miss out on someone who embodies what is truly important. And I LOVE how Hannah Ellenwood articulates this most important trait: “He lives a resounding Yes to God.”
  3. Marriage Is Not the Mission by Greg Morse. A hard-hitting and inspiring call to action for Christian singles struggling to find contentment in Christ. I love this quote: “Contentment didn’t come by merely clenching my fists, closing my eyes, and whispering Jesus is enough, Jesus is enough. Instead of sitting around trying to talk myself out of loneliness, I got up and went on mission.”
  4. Waiting, Meaning, Kingdom  A post I wrote in 2015 about how living in the tension of unfulfilled desires points to the larger story God has invited us into.
  5. Being Single and the Fellowship of His Sufferings by Benjamin Schafer. A beautiful and powerful reflection on how singleness can give us deeper insight into the heart of Jesus.


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